Monday, August 7, 2023

Summer gigs!

 Yep. This has been an odd summer. Either raining, smokey or too hot. LOL. But... I do get to sit outside on my porch I have named Screendale. And that keeps me pretty happy. 

Rick and Marilyn have a busy August coming up! You can catch us at any of the following shows. If you want a suggestion, it would have to be Rock Da Casbah in Saugerties. Great food, comfortable space, and... Rick and Marilyn!!! LOL

August 11, 11 am        Millerton Farmers Market
August 18, 6:30 pm    Berkshire Busk
August 19, 11 am       Copake/Hillsdale Farmers Market
August 20, 10 am       Rosendale Farmers Market
August 21, 4 pm         ShingleKill Farmers Market
August 25, 6:30 pm    Rock da Casbah, Saugerties 
August 26, 11 am       Delmar Farmers Market

Of course, I always recommend Farmer's Markets!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2023


Marilyn writes:

Spring is HERE, and Rick and Marilyn rocked the house on Saturday evening at The Beer Diviner, up in Cherry Plain, NY.  We had so *much* fun, for two main reasons... 

First of all, the music came together. Yeah, we made 'mistakes' and if you really wanted to notice them, I am sure you would. But... that is not what 'Rick and Marilyn' is about.

We are about *fun*, which is number 2!  We make music because of the sheer JOY of making music. AND... when the audience has fun too, that just *nails* it. You give us smiles and nods, foot tapping, and seat dancing and we *have* to up our game. Your listening makes us need to give you our BEST.

Sometime last year, I saw Lucinda Williams in concert, front row. You may know she recently had a stroke, and she did need to be escorted to the mic. She looked really nervous. I decided that she needed to feel really appreciated, and I started, when appropriate, to clap, give her thumbs up, smile, and really *react* to the music. Of course, she tuned right into me, and I think, that really helped her deliver... because she DID, smiling at me and my friend during her whole show.  

I get it. I see people reacting to the music and I HAVE to give it my all. 

I guess I am telling the story because... You go see local acts, right? (I truly hope so)  (SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC)  Give them a little attention. Don't be shy... but do know we see your seat dancing, singing along, toe-tapping. And smiles. We see all that. And you WILL get better out of us. Because we, like you, are human.  You do a better job when you get positive feedback, right?

This weekend... go see some live music. And ENJOY it. We enjoy YOU enjoying our music!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2023


What a great sadness...

... to know we will never hear David Crosby again, singing live with Graham Nash and Stephen Stills (and sometimes Neil Young). 48 hours ago, when I first heard the news, I did not believe it. A brief internet search turned up a scam site that said it was not true, relieving my mind. My friends and I were cautiously optimistic, until Graham, then Stephen wrote heartfelt statements about his passing. 

It was true.

I never was a big fan of David's solo work, but his harmonies with everyone he ever sang with were perfection. I wasn't crazy about his songs, overall preferring a faster beat, but I have to admit, he created these lovely, flowing soundscapes with his music that takes you to another place.  I did not appreciate his opinionated ways, but I have to credit him for always being forthright and speaking his mind. And, in every interview, all the time, he focused on the healing power of MUSIC. There is a lot there to respect. 

I think the world is a little less bright today because he is gone. I will miss him. RIP David Crosby.
Jam a little with Jerry, David.