Thursday, March 31, 2022

Valatie Open Mic

 Last night, Rick and Marilyn went to an open mic in Valatie. Open mics are interesting. You never know what to expect. Last night we had two young people, both of whom showed a real ability to sing. It was lovely listening to them. We had a gentleman who played a Martin travel guitar with a slide with a drum machine. Interesting combo of equipment. Rick and Marilyn, who sound.... well, you guys should know, right??? LOL. Our hosts also showed some fine skill. A good friend of mine who sings lovely quiet ballads (as opposed to Rick and Marilyn's loud boisterous ones!)

It was a good time.

If you play, visit your local open mic. You may be surprised. It is not only the newbies that show up to play. AND you get to make some friends out of the other musicians who come to share.

If you don't play, visit your local open mic. You will also be surprised. You are bound to find some music that you enjoy and the atmosphere is generally open and laid back and it is easy for you to get to know the players. 

Visting open mics. It is a thing to do with your time. 😁

Monday, March 21, 2022

What is it?


Rick and Marilyn

a piece of live stream

from our Sunday, 1 pm est

Brunch with Rick and Marilyn

(The guitars. Yes.)

Sunday, July 18, 2021


 Rick and Marilyn have been out there! Traveling locally as well as not so local to make music. At first, it was pleasant but strange to sing to people actually WATCHING you back. Talking to you instead of typing on a screen. Walking away as their life takes them elsewhere. 

A little fear about getting too close. LOTS of fear about allowing the use of your personal microphone. I even had to calm down about riding with Rick and no mask to the gigs! 

Ah, but then there is the JOY. We played this past Friday at Morton Library in Rhinecliff. A smallish room, and lots of folks... but never too close and always respectful. VERY happy to be listening to and making music. The host literally JUMPED UP AND DOWN in joy a few times, while telling us how happy he was (originally, he was thinking of dumping this monthly gathering), how good it was to see people. One of our songs was designed to be a sing-along because I firmly believe in the power of music to heal, and it gets into your soul best when you MAKE it! And they SANG. A room full of folks, singing, 'The answer my friend is blowing in the wind'. Wow. That moment helped me make it through the rest of the lonely, rainy weekend (my houseparty got rained out), to today, where we will be making some music in Craryville for the lunch/brunch crowd today, singing on the porch because of the rain. 

We are also looking forward to leading an Open Mic at the Hudson Brewing Company tasting room on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. That is in the corner of the old L and B building, which looks like a giant warehouse, back behind Basilica near the solar panels. Come on down if you are in the area! 

Check out the 'SHOWS' tab for where we will be playing. I hope we will play near you! As a matter of fact... let us know of places near you that are booking music and we will look into it. Several of you already do that, and I have to say we are SO grateful. Remember us if you come across anything!

And stay safe. And get vaccinated.

And lets love each other.