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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Checking in....


Rick and Marilyn have slowed WAY down in getting out and about. Seems the fall is a sloooooow time of year for us. We are sure to be back in the spring and of COURSE, there are those wonderful winter farmers markets and holiday festivals. We hope to see you soon!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Screendale Musings

There have been several weekends this summer that Rick and I have had several shows. You know, like leave this one to get to the next one, then home asap because you gotta get up and get to another in the morning... and so on. I think we thrive on it. It feels better than it ought!!! LOL

So this weekend, it happened again...

We started Thursday night at a retirement village. Yeah, most of our songs are well-known sing-along type songs there... and then, some folks just nap... and most just listen and rock or tap and then clap when the song ends. They are so appreciative, and I am finding more and more- THAT is why I like to do this. Giving people a good time that they appreciate. Yes.

On Friday, I had to spend a few hours at the place that pays the bills... and then off to a really WONDERFUL tavern, 20 Main, in Au Sable Forks, NY, up in the Adirondack Mtns. We were asked to do a 'Neil Young Tribute'. For many years, Neil Young fans, or Rusties, would gather on a piece of land and play NY music all weekend. We always played at the bar 20 Main on Friday night. Many of the people who were regulars for that weekend are now gone, but many remain... just not enough to make *it* happen. So, we scaled it down and made it a NY Tribute, although we mixed in some originals as well as the usual Rick and Marilyn covers.

What a GREAT time!!! Talk about APPRECIATION!!! A bar crowd that actually LISTENS!!!! LOL!!! What fun! We played well past our advertised stop time, just for the sheer fun we were having. Rick absolutely tore it UP channeling Neil Young, and we kept finding ways to say it again, a little differently... and it ROCKED!

It was a highlight of the summer! A great summer of music, by the way. Rick and Marilyn at all the local Farmers Markets, the Valatie Theater, The Down County Social Club, The Wine and Cheese Festival...

Thanks to all for coming out! Hope to see you down the road....

Sunday, July 7, 2019

July Happenings!!!

Happy summer!! It is SURELY here now.... hot, humid with thunderstorms aplenty!!

Rick and Marilyn just finished an amazing weekend of music, and look forward to another next weekend!!!

We hosted the Open Mic at the Stewart House in Athens on July 4th.... what a wonderful group of people came and played and jammed! Thank you all...
We followed that with playing the Sheffield Farmers Market on Friday and the Millerton Farmers Market on Saturday. Thanks to all who stopped by and said a few words... we very much appreciate it! We often hear that people enjoy our mix of classic folk/rock covers and originals at such venues. Apparently, our set lists are perfect for the folks who like to shop at farmers markets!... and we see those same people at venues like the DCSC (Down County Social Club) at the Race Brook Lodge, downstairs from the Stagecoach Tavern in Sheffield, MA, which we played Saturday evening. It is a wonderfully intimate venue. We feel like we are just jamming for friends we just met when we play there!! FUN!

Now... to tell you what is up next weekend!!! We very much hope to see you at one of these shows!

Friday night brings us to one of our favorite places, The Main Street Public House in Philmont, NY. There is outside seating, the best burgers in the county, and a fantastic variety of local and not-so-local brews on tap!!! AND.... July 12th, 8-10pm, RICK and MARILYN!!! Come and spend some time at this wonderful venue!!! See you there....

Then Saturday, we will be at the Hudson Farmers Market, 10-12. One of the largest markets in the area, come and stock up!!! and listen to music.....
After we pack up there, we will be headed to the Copake Camp Resort for a short set at 2pm.

And then, Sunday, from 1-4pm, you can hear us Under the Tent at Love Apple Farm on 9H. Love Apple Farm has developed in recent years to a place where you can see art, pet animals, grab a (very tasty) bite to eat, followed by Janes ice cream, do your grocery shopping, gift shopping and FRESH fruits and veggie shopping.... AND listen to music!!! Rick and Marilyn will play a rocking show for you, and we surely hope to see you there!!!

I think that catches us up with Rick and Marilyn happenings! If you want a free song of ours that we often play live, A Practiced Speech, sign up for the mailing list over there..........................>>> Come to shows!!! And of course, you have heard the album??? Buy it!! Listen to it above!!