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Have you ever listened to someone play and you instantly you go to a certain time and place? Rick and Marilyn do this. They are folk singers that bring you along with them to a place of social change and folk songs. Their songs are timeless in a way that they seem just as relevant today. Their chemistry is amazing. Check them out if you get a chance! Kara Keeler, Photographer

What an easy welcoming sound these two artists share with their audience... Carol R.

Loving your new LP.... Gee McGee

About us

Rick and Marilyn

'Rick and Marilyn' is a Guitar-Centric, Hippie-Folk-Rock duo out of Hudson, NY. Marilyn writes, sings, and plays acoustic rhythm guitar while Rick provides tasteful guitar accompaniment and amazing solos. Together they perform originals that have great melodies and memorable hooks along with an array of favorite classic folk/rock/country/blues hippie cover songs.

Guitarist Rick Warren, is influenced by many musicians, from Bach to (Jeff) Beck and beyond, all distilled into one unique approach to solo and accompaniment guitar. Some of the settings that Rick has played in include the improvisational duo ‘Guitars A Go Go’ with Sal (Spaghetti Eastern Music) Cataldi; ‘spaceheater’,a four piece psych-surf exploration of improvised rock and funk, and, of course the duo ‘Rick and Marilyn’. Past ventures have included the band ‘Clouds’ (Kingston), Blue Food (Woodstock), ‘Doc Horton and the Jay Street Band’ (Albany), and ‘The Magic Stones’ (Hudson).  He has a reputation for giving the song exactly what it needs, telling ‘the rest of the story’ with his soulful, melodic solos and tasteful accompaniment. 

Singer-songwriter Marilyn Miller was known for leading Open Jams at venues in Hudson for many years.  These days, when not with Rick, you will find her performing solo, and with the loosely organized Hudson Busk in the Hudson streets. Her strengths lie in her powerful voice paired with a driving acoustic guitar and melodic arrangements of her own tunes and the covers she loves. 

Rick and Marilyn are available to play your party, house concert, pub, restaurant, market, or event- You name it!

When the music calls, we will be there. :)


Rick Warren

Originally from Kingston, NY, Rick’s earliest musical role was playing trumpet in his school band. When Rick discovered rock and roll, it was the sound of the electric guitar that captivated his imagination. He was influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend of The Who, and later by Larry Coryell and the Mahavishnu Orchestra’s John McLaughlin.

Throughout the years, Rick has been involved in the Hudson Valley music scene in many musical settings from power trios to jam bands and folk groups to singer-songwriter collaborations.

Rick has been very involved in the improvisational and experimental music scene led by Karl Berger of the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock. Berger’s visit to a high school music theory class that Rick was attending inspired him to become a regular participant with the Creative Improvisor’s Orchestra, continuing in part of Karl Berger’s legacy. Rick is also known for his soundscape compositions using his guitar and a variety of electronic sound sources.

   Current projects include the Hippie Folk/rock duo 'Rick and Marilyn' performing cover tunes and original songs by Marilyn Miller; ‘spaceheater’, an improvisational rock/funk/psych/surf outfit including Sal Cataldi (Spaghetti Eastern Music) on guitar, David Strahl on bass, and Dana Fasano on the drum kit; ‘Guitars A Go Go’, an ambient/experimental guitar duo focused on accumulating various colored boxes with which to morph their guitar sounds into expansive soundscapes; and collaborations over the Internet with Philadelphia drummer Grant Calvin Weston in which tracks are sent back and forth resulting in ‘spontaneous creative composition’.

He has a reputation as a rock-solid supporter who can be creatively joyful when the situation calls for it.

Marilyn Miller

Marilyn Miller was born in Hudson, NY to a couple who worked the line at the Universal Match Factory, which was considered to be a darn good job back then. Her grandfather, Harrison Miller, played fiddle at the local dances and people remembered him for years after he passed. The oldest of four girls, and younger by eight years than her brother, she always wanted to learn to play music. Anything. She must have caught the MUSIC GENE from Harrison, who died a very poor man, which is likely why her parents discouraged all attempts at music.

One day the band teacher announced that he was selling Conn classical guitars....and she started hounding her parents for one. There was one that had a serious bump on the bout which the teacher was 'letting go for $50'.  It was that guitar she first brought on the stage at a school Talent Show.  However, she ALSO had her first serious bout of stage fright and that was the end of that for many many years... but the desire to MAKE  MUSIC never left her.

After earning her degree and raising a family, she found a teacher who told her that if she could HEAR music in her head, she just had to work to get it into her fingers and that WORK was FAR more important than TALENT. So she worked. And he was right, she did learn.

Her current projects include ‘Rick & Marilyn’ along with guitar slinger Rick Warren. She also plays with the loosely organized 'Hudson Busk' on the streets of Hudson as well as solo. Her teachers were right... and her work has paid off! She plays a driving acoustic rhythm guitar behind her powerful vocals. She is also a songwriter with two albums to her credit and another on the way. You can hear folk, rock, blues, and a little country in the songs she writes and performs. 

Marilyn is an organizer of jams and song circles among local friends and musicians and is always among the first to answer the musical call for social justice and political events and often leads such efforts.

Marilyn Miller truly embodies the spirit of bringing ‘music to the people’ in a grassroots way and by doing so brings the ‘people to the music‘.

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