Thursday, March 31, 2022

Valatie Open Mic

 Last night, Rick and Marilyn went to an open mic in Valatie. Open mics are interesting. You never know what to expect. Last night we had two young people, both of whom showed a real ability to sing. It was lovely listening to them. We had a gentleman who played a Martin travel guitar with a slide with a drum machine. Interesting combo of equipment. Rick and Marilyn, who sound.... well, you guys should know, right??? LOL. Our hosts also showed some fine skill. A good friend of mine who sings lovely quiet ballads (as opposed to Rick and Marilyn's loud boisterous ones!)

It was a good time.

If you play, visit your local open mic. You may be surprised. It is not only the newbies that show up to play. AND you get to make some friends out of the other musicians who come to share.

If you don't play, visit your local open mic. You will also be surprised. You are bound to find some music that you enjoy and the atmosphere is generally open and laid back and it is easy for you to get to know the players. 

Visting open mics. It is a thing to do with your time. 😁

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