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Have you ever listened to someone play and you instantly you go to a certain time and place? Rick and Marilyn do this. They are folk singers that bring you along with them to a place of social change and folk songs. Their songs are timeless in a way that they seem just as relevant today. Their chemistry is amazing. Check them out if you get a chance! Kara Keeler, Photographer

What an easy welcoming sound these two artists share with their audience... Carol R.

Loving your new LP.... Gee McGee

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Soon, soon, soon......

Yes, the record is done.

We are just waiting on the mastering. Mastering is a mystery. But-- we can't let you hear the music until it is mastered.

Now, Marilyn was excited about the first record because it was her first.

This time, she is saying that she is EXCITED about 'What's On My Mind' because she is very proud of it. Proud of the sounds and very thankful to all the people who contributed to those sounds... Mixed and Mastered by Mark Dann. Recorded by Ted Orr at Sertso Studio. Then, keeping the beat for us on drums, the wonderful Peter Tenerowicz. Stepping in, the 'NewGuy' to the process, versatile Aaron Martin, on bass. And then, there is the 'If it has strings or keys, sure, I can play it' guy, on violin, Mike Pagnani. Finally, Guitar Wizard of 'Rick and Marilyn', Rick Warren, sending us guitar-oriented folks to the heavens and back.

Marilyn says she can't wait for you to hear how these men put their own marks on her songs. How the guitar and violin weave a tapestry of sound while the drums set the heartbeat and the bass provides this fascinating grounding.... Then there is the recording, mixing, and mastering, which brings the sounds together to best advantage.

This record has taken years, literally years, to be realized. Most of the songs were written a few years ago when Marilyn's life was in turmoil. She had discovered that many of the things that she thought were real, were actually just her imagination. She found out that she had wanted to see the people in her life in a certain way, but they were not that way. It was a jarring time, one of doubting her very understanding of life.

However, she got through it. So did everyone else. Putting out this record sort of makes it all final. In the past. At least the personal songs. The political... not so much. We still think we need to find a way to talk to one another, find out that we are really more alike than different. That is the first song. The last is the healing song. There is a lot in between.

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