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Have you ever listened to someone play and you instantly you go to a certain time and place? Rick and Marilyn do this. They are folk singers that bring you along with them to a place of social change and folk songs. Their songs are timeless in a way that they seem just as relevant today. Their chemistry is amazing. Check them out if you get a chance! Kara Keeler, Photographer

What an easy welcoming sound these two artists share with their audience... Carol R.

Loving your new LP.... Gee McGee

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

October 2020


We hope you are doing well during these odd times! We continue to stay busy overall:  Rick has been doing a good deed by assisting in the Census, and Marilyn continues her job helping people stay healthy.

We also both continue to do live streams on Sundays (see below for links and times) and Rick has been making music quite a bit with his friend Sal Cataldi, as 'Guitars a Go-Go'. They even have a record out!! (follow the green link for more info).

But- we miss you! Missing having folks that come out and listen to us play!  Traveling to a venue and setting up and figuring out how to best present a show in this particular place. Seeing your faces and hearing you respond. Knowing that we share a bit of time together in this certain space.

On the other hand, the pandemic has certainly allowed us time to learn and develop our art, together and separately. Rick has learned about recording and making videos. Marilyn has written the bulk of which may be the next record. And, putting together a rocking live stream every week has been challenging and fun!

As we move into cooler weather, we will continue live streaming and writing and making videos. Next time I write to you, we hope that we will have videos of new songs for you! 

We also hope that you will stop by and say 'HI!' during our live streams. 

And stay safe. Wash your hands, wear your masks and keep your distance. For the future, when this will just be a memory. Can't wait for that!!!

Click on these links at the listed time to join a live stream:

Rick Warren, Sunday evenings, 8pm, Ambient in the Evening

Brunch with Marilyn (sometimes Rick and Marilyn), Sundays @ 1pm 



We really hope to 'see' you there!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Rick and Marilyn with Bugs LIVESTREAM!

SATURDAY at 4pm est
Rick and Marilyn + their guitar slinging friend Bugs, play Neil Young in benefit for Hope for Miracles!

Hi!  We hope this finds you well!  We want to invite you to a special on-line event this Saturday, at 4-6pm est. We will put the links below. Let me tell you a little bit about the history, and maybe you will come and join us, right at your computer (ok, push the stream to your TV, we should look and sound a little better up there!)

Many years ago, Dave and Jean, WAY up in the Adirondacks, bought a piece of property they named "Cripple Creek", right on the Ausable River. As they developed this little bit of heaven into a sharable space, they came up with an idea to host a yearly Neil Young oriented weekend. ARF (Adirondack Rust Fest) was born!

The parties attracted a bunch of Rusties (Neil Young Fans) from the Northeast USA and Canada, who remain good friends to this day. However, over the years, things change and morph and now Dave and Jean run a pub, 20 Main, in Jay, NY. For several years, Rick and Marilyn have played Neil Young songs at the pub on the second weekend in August... what has still been the ARF weekend all these years.

And now, Pandemic Time. This year we were going to do the Neil Young tribute as a backdrop to a benefit for Hope for Miracles, a group local to Dave, Jean and 20 Main, that raises money for childhood cancers (as a tribute to the child, Karson, who has suffered Neuroblastoma for most of his life). We worried about having too many people in a small space (Darn COVID) and Dave decided he could not do it this year. For the first time, I think, since it began, ARF in ALL forms was canceled!!!!

NO!  As you know, we have been streaming weekly from my house most of the pandemic. We offered to do that  for ARF, and Dave, Jean, and Hope for Miracles agreed!!! And... it will be live-streamed at the links below, where you will also find links to Hope for Miracles. We are SO excited to continue this event and be able to bring it now to so many different folks!!! I understand the live stream will be on view in 20 Main, as well as in my backyard and on YOUR computer.

Best of all, our friend Rusted Bugs will bring his guitar and give some of his versions of Neil Young songs. The last set of the day will be all three of us, along with our friend Peter Tenerowicz on drums!! I promise, it will




Click on links below for live stream

Rick and Marilyn, Rusted Bugs, and Peter Tenerowicz

Saturday, August 8, 2020

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YouTube Live

YouTube MarilynMiller

Marilyn's Website


Saturday, March 21, 2020


We sure do hope that you are all feeling fine, hunkering down in place, likely afraid of every cough and sneeze from everyone around you and especially yourself. These are some hard times... and likely (sorry!) to get worse before better. 

However, it will end, it will get better. There is hope.

We are sure you have noticed all the people who are trying to help folks get through this... video streams from your favorite artists, audible books for free, great take out from your favorite restaurants. Try REAL HARD, if you are able, to continue to support (especially local) folks who rely on your purchases. Be sure to get out in the air (being safe about it....) and spend time doing some of those things you wish you had time for in the past (You DO, now!!!).

Rick and Marilyn likely won't be streaming together unless we can find a way to do it from our separate homes (Marilyn is a high-risk potential carrier, related to her day job). Any ideas- point the way for us!!! As you can see, our gigs are slowly getting canceled, so we won't be seeing you very soon. ~sigh~ The Gig Calendar looked FANTASTIC there for a bit, lol.

Marilyn was working on developing a good-sounding stream, and we think she has figured it out, and maybe will do some short live Facebook streams soon. She will TRY to find times that people are available AND does not conflict with other streams people may want to watch. She hopes that Rick will consider streaming HIS music also. One thing Marilyn has on the agenda - streaming Neil Young covers for her Rustie friends. Hopefully, some of that will happen, maybe this weekend.

In the meantime, please be safe. WHO, CDC, NYDOH are all perfect places to get the real info. Try to not contaminate other people. Be safe.

Be safe.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

is where you can listen to Marilyn's interview with the wonderful Flo Hayle!

Rick and Marilyn @ Hudson Underground with Friends.... and you?

YES! This Saturday Rick and Marilyn will be at Hudson Underground with our friends Mike Pagnani and Peter Tenerowicz! We are planning to ROCK IT!!! There are a bunch of things happening in the world right now, and we will sing some songs about them! INCLUDING Marilyn's new song, NO WAR. Can you guess what THAT one is about? LOL. Join us. 7pm.